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Posted 一 21 3月 2016

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Identity and Access Management (IAM)可以讓你管理「用戶們」在AWS服務或資源的使用權限。利用IAM管理的範圍包含活體的aws users, groups或是 軟體的roles and policies。

Create users in IAM, assign them individual security credentials, including access keys, passwords, and multi-factor authentication devices or request temporary security credentials to provide users access to AWS services and resources.

Create roles in IAM, and manage policies to control which operations can be performed by the entity, or AWS service, that assumes the role.

qwiklab實作部分,儀表板上點選 IAM :


若我們希望讓userone負責監控(EC2support)的工作,選擇左方 DashboardGroup,選擇EC2support後下方的 User 並加入該成員即可。

接著我們要對這些用戶客製化密碼。回到IAM選擇儀表板的 User,勾選userone後選擇上方的 Actions "Manage Password" ,進去後選擇"Replace existing password with new custom password"。設好用戶密碼後。 點擊 Dashboard,會有個IAM users sign-in link,屆時所有在這之中的user藉由輸入自己的帳戶以及該用戶密碼就可以取得相對應的權限。而Admin帳戶可以點擊 User 看Password Last Used的使用歷史紀錄。

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